Do we have a clear develop map?

 From:  Michael Gibson
131.2 In reply to 131.1 
Hi Solo, I'm glad you like the program!

> For it's import/export,rendering,is it only another high edition of rhino?

I'm sorry, I don't quite understand the question. There will be some additional import/export options coming with the next beta release. There won't be any rendering functionality for the V1 release, but I do expect to add some in future versions.

> When open a same file, mio used more memories than rhino3 on my
> pc now.(it's only a simple test)

Can you please post the file so I can take a look? I just did a quick test, my results were different - Rhino3 used more memory than MoI to display the same file with shading.

Were you comparing with a wireframe display in Rhino? That does take less memory because it is doing a lot less.

> In the future,will it need more and more when it become perfect?

No, I don't expect it to take up too much more memory in the future.

> So why not give us a develop map?

I don't really have an exact development map... I have a lot of different ideas, but the priorities change a lot depending on the feedback that I get.

There are a few general things that I know about (such as rendering won't be available for V1), but specific things are pretty fluid right now.

- Michael