Bugs list

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
By Steph
http://www.zbrush.fr/phpBB2//download.php?id=990 (3dm file compressed)
Chamfer on the Angle 90 = Harakiri crash :)

http://www.zbrush.fr/phpBB2//download.php?id=989 (3dm file compressed)
Sweep 2 rail ok but the objet is in some pieces and not perfect fit

A big degre number of chamfer = CPU burning (...never come back in reasonnable time:) (image follow)
So an ESCAPE Function will be very nice :)
http://www.zbrush.fr/phpBB2//download.php?id=992 (3dm file compressed)

EDITED: 21 Sep 2006 by PILOU