Wow, just found this site and program!

 From:  f700es
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Thanks Michael. Ok here goes....
- Better units support, I know you have answered this already
- Import/Export additions. dxf, 3ds, obj in addition to the standard mechanical formats (stl and such)
- texture support
- viewport image backgrounds
- dimensions would be nice but with dxf exporting I could produce working drawings with Acad (or other CAD).
hesitent on this one
- rendering support. Honestly a good POV exporter would be a good solution. I know that you know about SketchUp. A user wrote a very nice plugin for SU that exports to the POVRay engine. It can produce some very nice renders with it. I don't see why MOI would be any different. It already has one of the best GUI's and ease of use.
Anyway, just thoughts off the top of my head. If I was a programer I would help but I could not code my way out of a paper bag. We gave your program a link over at CADTutor forums ( BTW. CADTutor get's lot's of hits so many some will head over here and take a look.
Cheers :)