view port lighting

 From:  Michael Gibson
1295.2 In reply to 1295.1 
Hi xrok1 - give this a try:

Go to Options / Shortcut keys and push the "Add" button to put in a new entry.

For the Key, put in whatever you want to trigger it, like "L" for example.

Then for the Command part on the right-hand side, paste in the following:
script:var dir = moi.view.lightDirection; if ( dir.x == 1 && dir.y == 1 && dir.z == -1 ) { dir.set(-0.5,1,0); } else { dir.set(1,1,-1); } moi.view.lightDirection = dir;

With that in place, you can then push L to switch lighting directions between 2 choices, that should help.

- Michael