Assign commands to buttons?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Nick, that's great!

Just a quick overview here - if you look in the \ui sub-folder, the main file that contains most stuff is sidepane.htm .

If you look in there you will find various buttons defined by a
<moi:CommandButton> ... </moi:CommandButton> tag.

The bottom bar is defined by the file CommandBar.htm and CommandBarRight.htm (for the right-side buttons like Options and Help).

To copy a button over, copy an entire <moi:CommandButton>...</moi:CommandButton> tag and paste it into the CommandBar.htm file, before the ending </body>.

Certain buttons pop out one of those little sub-menus, and the buttons inside the sub-menu are defined in another file located in the \commands subfolder. Like for instance all the boolean buttons are in a file under \commands\Booleans.htm, so to copy one of those buttons look in that file for the button definition instead of the sidepane.htm .

Let me know if you get stuck.

> although it goes against the UNcluttered interface you currently have, that I like.

Well, what I was figuring was that it would be totally empty by default, (that will keep the uncluttered-ness for most people), but letting you do something like drag/drop a button to that area, or right-click to get a menu to add a button.

It will be a while before I'll get a chance to work on that though.

- Michael