Assign commands to buttons?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1290.2 In reply to 1290.1 
Hi Nick - some kind of "user defined button zone" is definitely something I want to add, it's just one of those things that I didn't have time to get to for version 1.0 .

One idea I've had is to set up something to let you insert your own buttons into the bottom toolbar into the area between the "Object Snap" button and the "Options" button. For higher screen resolutions there tends to be a fair amount of space in that area. Do you think that would work?

It is actually possible to set this up right now because all the program UI is located in editable text files underneath the \ui subfolder inside MoI's main installation folder. So you can edit the UI in a text editor like notepad to add or change stuff.

If you want to give me an example of a button you want to add, I can give you some instructions here on how to edit the UI files to make it show up.

You also might be interested in this thread which has some discussion of editing the UI:

- Michael