Bug in rotation!

 From:  Michael Gibson
129.10 In reply to 129.9 
> Normaly My key 5 has no short cut installed :)

For now think of it as a "bonus shortcut". You get 2 shortcuts for the price of 1.

This should make it twice as fast to do an extrude, right? ;)

> Function "Move object "face to face" (may be not very easy to code but very practical :)

I think the difficult part would be to figure out a good rotation for it automatically.

Just moving something on to the other block should work pretty well already, since if you grab a block near the endpoint of an edge, it should snap on to it and allow you to drop it on the endpoint of a different block. But then you want it to automatically rotate? Hmmm....

You could maybe build a Roman aqueduct with some of those pieces.

- Michael