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 From:  Michael Gibson
1281.2 In reply to 1281.1 
Hi Marcos, there isn't any method for doing that in v1, it is definitely on the list to be added though.

For sweeps if you just want stuff positioned in even spacing along the curve, there is a mode built into sweep that does that for you automatically.

The mode will be activated if all your sweep profiles are located on a plane and they are all on the outside of the bounding box around the sweep rail (like a little distance off to the side).

So for example:

This arrangement will make the auto-place kick in - for multiple profiles you arrange them in a rough left-to-right order. When sweeping this arrangement, the left circle will be placed at the start of the curve (you can control which end by clicking on the end closest to where you want to start when you select the rail), the "U" curve will get placed in the middle normal to the curve, and the last one goes on the end.

So that generates this sweep:

There is also some discussion of this on the tutorials as well:

- Michael