Helix problem?

 From:  Colin
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for explaining that & giving us a work around.

This isn't really a big problem, it's just that at first I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work?
I agree with you that this oddity with Sweep & a certain amount of twists on a Helix can wait till after V1.
Just like with the Fillet tool, we now all know it's limitations & how to work around it in the meanwhile.

Also just for anyone else's reference, you need to create your Helix in a vertical Z position to do the Sweep.
I first made the mistake of trying to do it with the Helix in a horizontal Z & at first couldn't get the Sweep to work correctly.
I was just about to report another possible bug, but after rereading your example, I realised what I was doing wrong.

regards Colin

EDITED: 13 Jan 2008 by COLIN