Patch update available for last beta

 From:  Michael Gibson
Ok, there is now a patch available for the last beta here:

To install, unzip it and copy the moi_lib.dll over top of the old version under
C:\Program Files\MoI beta Dec-28-2007

This patch has the last few tweaks and bug fixes that were on my list to squeeze into v1. These include:

Improved selection for canceling and undo - the selection state of objects are now preserved when you cancel a command or do an undo. So for example if you select some edges and then fillet them, if you cancel or undo the fillet those edges will be selected again. Previously the selection was lost in this case.

Added ability to do a deselection window by holding down the Ctrl key when doing a window select.

Fixed a bug that messed up specifying the name of the .ini file as a command line parameter to moi.exe

Fixed a bug where unicode text was not being saved to the moi.ini file correctly, causing a few things like file names on the recent files list to get messed up in some circumstances.

Fixed a bug where the seam point of a closed curve could get used as a cutting point in Trim when it shouldn't be.

Switched back to using only power-of-2 texture sizes, to see if this reduces some problems with the last beta on some video cards.

Updated Space Navigator support so that the 3D view and the Top/Front/Right views handled zoom in a consistent manner. Previously the 3D view was reversed from the others.
If the new way seems backwards to you, you can reverse the direction of the zooming by going to Options / View / Rotate/Pan/Zoom options / 3Dconnexion options / Reverse zoom.
You can also restore the previous behavior where the 3D view and Ortho view behave differently by setting this switch in the moi.ini file:

Updated AI export to fix some problems with small sized curves being refit too roughly.

That's pretty much it for V1 unless some bug is found in the above stuff. I just need to add a dialog for entering in the serial number code and then V1 will be ready to launch.

- Michael