Newbie question> How do I do this?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1252.2 In reply to 1252.1 
Hi Rudy - the immediate problem here is you've got one big outside closed loop, and then one open curve running down the center. Most of the surfacing commands will want to match similar kinds of curves, so instead of one big closed outside curve you could split that into 2 halves (select it and then run Edit/Trim, click the "Add trim points" button and click 2 points to split the closed curve by). Then with 3 open curves running lengthwise you can then select everything and use Construct / Network to build a surface there.

However, even after that the surface is kind of messy with some sharp pieces near the base, and probably the pointy tip part will be messy enough to prevent any shelling.

Instead of trying to draw a blobby rounded thing all in one go with an outline, you will generally be better off starting with a more simple blocky shape and then using some fillets to round things off. The place where you want a dimple can be constructed by cutting the dimple with a boolean and then using fillets to round that off again.

The problem with trying to make blobby outlines directly is that it tends to make messy surfaces with some parts of the surface squished together and kind of wrinkled and overlapping over bits of itself. That will generally cause problems with further operations.

I'll try to create an example of the "simple blocky + fillet" type approach.

- Michael