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 From:  Ed
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Michael -

I just want to add my vote for #4.

I spent the weekend playing with various UV mapping tools and free render packages looking for a way to easily apply materials to various surfaces of an object.

SeparateOBJ.exe is a workaround, but the ability to select surfaces within MoI and assign even basic materials would be ideal.

For example, I created a diamond ring in Moi, saved as OBJ, and ran SeparateOBJ.exe. Imported into HyperShot and had to reassign the same material to each facet of the diamond. I could have exported the ring, bezel, and diamond as separate objects and make just one material assignment to each, but that would mean re-aligning all three objects in HyperShot. That is a very difficult process.

A basic material assignment and grouping function within MoI would be at the top of my wish list :)