MoI + VrayforRhino

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Momso, thanks for the list! I will add these to the wiki wishlist when I return home.

Some of these will probably take a while, like OffsetNormal, OffsetCrvOnSrf, and ExtendCrvOnSrf probably won't make it into V2. But I am going to work on several of the others for v2.

> - Pull (Pull curve to surface normal)

This one is available in MoI under Construct / Curve / Project, switch to Mode: Closest pt. But it is not completely reliable, it needs some bug fixing.

> - Split curve with point option

This one is available inside the Edit/Trim command, click the "Add trim points" button.

In MoI, the Split and Trim functions are combined into just one command - at the end instead of picking pieces to discard, just push enter or right click to keep all the pieces like Rhino's Split command.

- Michael