MoI + VrayforRhino

 From:  Momso (DREAM21JUN)
1235.3 In reply to 1235.2 
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the tip for EdgeSrf.

It would be better if 'VariablefilletSrf', 'MatchSrf' and/or 'MergeSrf', Split surface with Isocurve option.

For main curve commands, I think below things are important functions for modeling.
- Pull (Pull curve to surface normal)
- OffsetNormal (I don't know if it is already in MoI)
- BlendCrv (Adjustable blend curve, not just Blend)
- RebuildCrv (RebuildSrf as well)
- OffsetCrvOnSurface (It will be the best if the curve can be adjusted on surface. It can be done in Rhino4, but slow)
- ExtendCrvOnSrf
- Devide curve by Length / by number of segments
- Arrowhead (change curve to arrowhead)
- Split curve with point option

- Analyze tools / SelBadObjects......etc.

Thanks momso