MoI + VrayforRhino

 From:  Michael Gibson
1235.2 In reply to 1235.1 
Hi Momso, that is a great result! It can work well to use MoI in combination with Rhino like this.

> - Layer function need to be added.
> - Properties function need to be added.

These are definitely going to be a major focus area for V2.

I want to try to make some kind of organizing tools that are somewhat looser and not as "formal" as traditional layers though.

> - Other surface tools need to be added. (for example from Rhino : EdgeSrf, Patch, etc)

EdgeSrf is actually built in to MoI's Network tool - it will kick in if you select only 3 or 4 curves that touch each other around in a ring.

Patch is one of the biggest missing ones - I'm going to look into adding that as well but I'm not quite sure when that will make it in, it can be kind of fussy.

Are there any other major surface construction tools than Patch that you are missing?

> - In the wireframe mode, cannot choose objects. This need to be improved.

Yeah, the current "wireframe" mode is just for display and is not fully functional. I do plan on adding a proper wireframe mode in the future, for V1 I wanted to focus on making the shaded mode work as smoothly as I could.

> - Many things need to be updated, but step by step. :-)

Please feel free to list additional stuff!

- Michael