MoI + VrayforRhino

 From:  Momso (DREAM21JUN)
Hi all,

Here are some image for modeling and rendering.
- Modeling in MoI over 90% and finalizing with Rhino to modify some areas since I'm not understanding all of the functions in MoI.
- Rendering in VrayforRhino. In my opinion, modeling data from MoI have no problem for rendering with VFR.

Below functions are my suggestions for being added into next version of MoI - if possible.. :-)
- Layer function need to be added.
- Properties function need to be added.
- Other surface tools need to be added. (for example from Rhino : EdgeSrf, Patch, etc)
- In the wireframe mode, cannot choose objects. This need to be improved.
- Many things need to be updated, but step by step. :-)

I think/hope MoI will be one of strong tool for modeling.


EDITED: 5 Jan 2008 by DREAM21JUN