My First MOI Model Rapid Prototyped - SUCCESS!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Phil, this is very cool, thank you for showing it!

This is such an interesting way to get multiple uses out of your model - your rendering in Blender/Yafray can be used to create some nice graphics, and then use the same model to produce your physical model.

I am really glad that MoI is helping you to produce this quickly!

The physical model turned out nicely - just the right amount of detail for a small piece I think.

Love the retro feel. Reminds me a little of my '60 Dodge which has a kind of rocketship feel as well.

$45 and next day shipping - that is great and really inexpensive. At that low of a cost it is tempting to fire off several things just for fun. The last time I looked into it, things were quite a bit more expensive than that.

- Michael