My First MOI Model Rapid Prototyped - SUCCESS!

 From:  Phil (PHILBO)
I am not new to 3D modelers and have used Blender for years, but MOI was critical for me to create the designs that I needed in such a short period of time.

My brother is a miniature sculptor for war games ( He is working on a game coming out soon that is a retro, 1950's space combat game called WAR ROCKET. There will be a good-guys faction, called the Galacteers. There will be four classes that are 1 inch, 2, 3, and 4 inches for each faction. Other factions will be Tyrants, UFO's and Space Pirates (I think.)

I found that the NURBS approach in MOI was excellent to quickly produce the model that we needed. We just got the first print back and it looked great. It's really small (just over an inch). This will then be cast in pewter and mass produced for the game as I wrap up the finishing touches on the Class two fighter. Each fighter will be on a small Plexiglas base.

I cannot wait to give my money to Michael for this fantastic piece of software.

Please, since these designs are for a game that is to be sold, all images and designs are property of the War Rocket team.

Thanks for looking.