Feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
1232.5 In reply to 1232.1 
Hi Val,

> *Join/divide points, or weld points so that they are permanently joined.

Could you please describe this one some more? You are talking about curve control points here?

> Sometimes I try to cut a curve with another curve, and it will cut where it suppose to, but
> sometimes cut some other random point on that curve as well. Any suggestions? I have
> the file attached. Cut that circle shape with that line, and it will show two cuts instead of one.

Hmm, like Petr mentions that is probably the "seam point" of the curve for the first control point in the list of points.

But this looks like a bug, because with a smooth curve like that it is supposed to automatically fuse that seam point together instead of showing it. In fact, when cutting a smooth curve closed curve like this with only one point, it is supposed to actually do nothing because you should need 2 cutting locations to actually divide the curve into different portions.

So I'll see if I can fix this up when I return next week.

In the meantime, if you run into this you can allow it to be split at the extra point, and then use Join to glue the pieces back together again, also if you turn on control points and delete the point where 2 segments join, that will fuse them together into one segment.

Thanks for posting the example file to help track down the problem.

- Michael