Custom distance script will not work

 From:  Rudy
Hello all,
I need some help from the experts.

I have downloaded the custom distance zip file from Petr page.
I go to the command folder in MOI, import the Zip file, extract it there. Open the folder, transfer the two single items (script and IE file) in the command folder. Close it.
I even restart the computer.

Somehow, when I open MOI, press ALT+D, nothing will happen. The custom distance will not come up.

I have been installed it same way in some previous betas, and it worked. For a while I did not need it to use while practising, so the last 3 or 4 betas, did not installed it. Now, I am at my first serious project, I need it, but it does not work.

Any idea why?

I take the opportunity to thank Michael, Jesse, Colin, and all the rest that helped me (and all the rest as well) at the beginning (few months back).
Happy new 2008 and may peace prevail on earth.