Regenerate option?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1223.3 In reply to 1223.1 
Hi Mike, there isn't really any kind of command like "regenerate" or "rebuild" currently in MoI.

It is difficult to figure out what might have gone wrong without having the actual model to analyze. Can you please post it here or send it to me at

But I won't really have a chance to check it out until after I return from vacation next week though.

For a quick workaround for the time being, you could export just the original half (that seems to be working ok) to your 3d rendering program and then mirror the other half over there. That might solve your immediate problem.

Is it possible that your objects have a very large or very small scale to them? Like very small in units size (less than 0.001 or something), or very large like more than 100,000 units?

- Michael