New Dec-28 beta now available

 From:  Michael Gibson
1217.20 In reply to 1217.19 
> ehm... sorry, Michael, I meant a new "Shift+Ctrl+dragging selection window"
> mechanism actually.

Right, but that combo that you were talking about Alt+Ctrl is already in use for zooming (for Maya compatibility).

I mean that if you hold down Alt+Ctrl and left drag up and down, right now it will do zooming.

To make it do deselection instead, I would have to remove the zooming function from that key combo and lose the Maya compatibility...

It kind of makes me uncomfortable to have so many of these different multi-key combos... It might be nice if there was only one way to force windowing and then some kind of option that could be triggered (pressing d??) to tweak it for deselection instead... But nothing really great immediately comes to mind.

Edit: Hmmm, maybe if you use Shift+Ctrl to initiate windowing, then let go of shift and keep only control down to make it do deselection? Do you think that is too tricky? The selection preview display will probably help, since if you forget which one it is you can just hold shift by itself (after the initial window has started) or control by itself until you see that you have got the right one.

- Michael