Character head in MOI - first attempt

 From:  Michael Gibson
1214.10 In reply to 1214.9 
Hi curveman, the human face is definitely a great exercise for freeform shaping!

In the future MoI's toolset will generally cover more stuff and it should get less painful to do more freeform stuff. But it will take a fair amount of time before this really gets fully going though.

For MoI's early versions I have focused more effort on providing a toolset for the kind of industrial / mechanical type forms like you show in your image directly above. One of the reasons for this focus is that there isn't really anything else out there that targets this kind of modeling in a more artist-friendly way rather than an engineer focused way.

There is still some more ground that I want to cover in the "industrial form" kind of area before really digging into attempting more totally organic freeform stuff.

I guess it just seems to me that subd tools are handling the fully freeform area pretty well already. It's kind of less interesting (and just less useful to a wider set of people) for me to focus on stuff that is already being covered by some other tool, at least for a while.

- Michael