[Q] STL format importing in official release??

 From:  Michael Gibson
1212.2 In reply to 1212.1 
Hi Momso, no sorry that is not planned.

The official release will be basically the same as the current beta release, with just a few small extra bug fixes.

STL files contain triangles which is a much different way to define 3D objects than the smooth NURBS surfaces that MoI uses.

You will need a polygon editing tool to load an STL file - MoI does not do polygon editing.

Please see FAQ #3 for some more information.

It is possible to bring the wireframe edges of an STL file into MoI to use as a construction guide though, you will need to use a polygon conversion program to convert the STL file into an OBJ file and then use the OBJ wireframe converter utility mentioned in the FAQ answer.

- Michael