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 From:  Michael Gibson
1210.7 In reply to 1210.6 
Hi Lordfox, Happy Holidays from the US!

I've added your items to the wishlist page on the wiki. Some comments:

=> Mirror-Building

This is something that I want to add in a future version.

=> better Boolean Support, like the pro-boolean plugin for 3ds max - i had a
> problem to an object with many other objects (wall with over 1000 battlements
> - that was not a good idea from from me, to bool it / combine it)

It will be very difficult for me to make improvements without an example file that shows the problem - can you possibly send it to me at moi@moi3d.com ?

For something with a very repetitive pattern, it is probably a better idea to model the pattern more directly, like make a curve that looks like this:

and then extrude that to make this kind of a shape all at once:

Boolean operations do a lot more calculations trying to calculate intersections between different objects, so they are going to be a lot slower than direct construction methods. Also for the booleans to work well you will need to make sure that all the pieces are touching in a precise aligned way - if you have things off by small amount it will tend to create little tiny slivered surfaces which cause problems.

=> dicplacement painting like in silo?

Unfortunately this will be very difficult to add to MoI - displacement painting works a lot easier on a polygon mesh type object like silo uses. It is not very easy to apply displacement painting to a NURBS type object to get a NURBS result. MoI is currently focused on NURBS editing only and not on polygon editing, so it will probably be quite a while before this will be possible.

If Silo does what you need, can't you just use Silo to get the result you're looking for with displacement painting? You should be able to export from MoI into Silo using OBJ format.

- Michael