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 From:  Michael Gibson
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> Im running a macpro/vista64 with an ATI 1900

Hmm, it wouldn't hurt to update your drivers to make sure you have the latest. Vista uses a completely different video driver system than previous versions of Windows, and at the time of Vista's release many drivers were still not really tuned up all the way.

You also might try turning off the fancy Vista display stuff to see if that makes any difference. To do this right-click on the desktop and pick "Personalize" at the bottom of the menu, then click "Window Color and Appearance", and then click "Open classic appearance properties for more color options", and then pick the "Windows Vista Basic" color scheme. (http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/disable-aero-on-windows-vista/)

> but maybe something could be writen into MOI to adjust the display setting via 2 buttons?

It is possible to create a keyboard shortcut that changes those settings under Options / View / Meshing parameters, like Mesh angle and "Add detail to inflections". But I thought those weren't helping you that much?

> And I think lowering the curve detail can only help, or even a wireframe display?

Yeah in the future I want to add a wireframe display which will be useful for dealing with heavier scenes.

- Michael