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 From:  mushroomgod
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Cheers Michael.

Ill give that poly tool a try.

Im running a macpro/vista64 with an ATI 1900, with the mini model im getting around 2-3 frames a sec on the full model....and the whole thing feels very slugish
And ill also sort that mini model out and email it over later today, see if there anything you can do

in silo theres a very cool way of displaying subds, basicaly with very click "c" it subdivides it by one, and with every click of the "v" button it lowers the subdivition by one....keep clicking the buttons lower and rase the subds amounts. I realise Subds are not nurbs, but maybe something could be writen into MOI to adjust the display setting via 2 buttons?

And I think lowering the curve detail can only help, or even a wireframe display?