a wishlist

 From:  Michael Gibson
1210.2 In reply to 1210.1 
Hi mushroomgod!

> Faster display! Just recently iv been using MOI to edit a accurate Mini car model,
> the redraw speed was slow...very very slow, I even changed the display options
> (from 20-100) and even after doing that not only did the model look crap, but it
> was still amazingly slow.

Is it possible for you to .zip up the model and send it to me at moi@moi3d.com ? That would help me check it out to see if there is something in this particular case that can be tuned up.

Also, what are your system specs, like CPU, RAM, and video card?

> Im not sure what kinda difference it would make, but maybe have an option to turn off AA?

I gave this a test not too long ago and it actually didn't make much of a difference - but one other thing that might would be an option to draw somewhat coarser curves.

> Group objects....

A system for organizing objects is definitely going to be a big focus for version 2. It's pretty much at the top of the list.

> Finaly...the ability to import polys.

This is possible right now by getting the polygons into .obj format and then using the Obj23dmWireframe converter program available here: http://moi3d.com/wiki/Resources#Obj23dmWireframe_converter - that will convert all polygon edges in an .obj file into line segments in a .3dm file which can then be read into MoI.

- Michael