a wishlist

 From:  mushroomgod
i believe this is my 2nd wish list, but you can never have to many!!!

1st off, really Moi is the best peace of nurbs software iv ever used...and even in its current state i can get along with it better than other software i have used over the years!

Now too the wish list....

Faster display! Just recently iv been using MOI to edit a accurate Mini car model, the redraw speed was slow...very very slow, I even changed the display options (from 20-100) and even after doing that not only did the model look crap, but it was still amazingly slow. Im not sure what kinda difference it would make, but maybe have an option to turn off AA?

Group objects....Would be massively handy, eather that, or layers would be just as good (and could be used to speed up display) Like Max

Finaly...the ability to import polys. At the moment Im working on a model of an elec guitar - every detail, inside and out has to be modeled....parts have been modeled in max (polys/powernurbs), silo, and MOI...it would be sooooooo helpfull to get all these poly objects into MOI. At the moment there quite a bit of guess work going on by myself to tally this all up in different programs for rendering in Max

Oh....one last last request....any news on the price,?