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 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
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Many thanks again for the comprehensive answer Michael.

I now have all my plans in and looking the same as they would if I was doing this in truespace (but sharper and easier to see). I'm impressed with the quality of the transparency. Very nice!

The object browser / numeric properties system sounds like a great idea. There is something similar in truespace which I use a lot when polygon modeling. I find it really useful when trying to model real world objects.

My plan for this model in MoI is to model one of the ship's boats for the warship on my web page. Doing hulls using polygons is hard because of the smooth curves required. I SDS'd the one on my page which worked OK. A recent attempt at a submarine wasn't so good though and has prompted the attempt to learn nurbs. I like a lot of things about truespace but its nurbs isn't one of them. I'm already finding MoI easier.