Background Images

 From:  Michael Gibson
1208.4 In reply to 1208.3 
Hi Mark - great, I'm glad the rectangle trick is working for the time being.

> Would it also be possible to allow adjustment of background images (size,
> position and rotation) after initial placement?

This is actually possible right now - the image placement is editable while you are inside of that View/Image command, you should see a kind of frame appear around each image while you are running that command. Once you exit that command the image locks into place and the grips go away, so that they don't interfere with selecting or editing regular objects.

While you are inside the View/Image command, you can click and drag on an image to move it - grab near the corner on the inside of an image to get the corner with an "end" snap. Drag on one of the corner grips to size it (they will highlight when you move over them), and drag on the rotation grip to rotate it. Also if you click and release on the rotation grip instead of click and drag, a tri-ball type of rotation gadget will appear allowing you to rotate it along 3 different axes. Check out here: for some more details on this.

This editing is focused on mouse manipulation though, if you want a precise numeric edit (like scaling up exactly by 1.5 or something like that), you will probably need to again create a reference rectangle and manipulate that, and then snap on to it.

For version 2 I also plan on working on a kind of object browser system with a property editing panel for editing an object's numeric properties, this will probably also be a good place to have a way to numerically edit background image's numeric properties as well.

One other note on background images - right now you should avoid using an image greater than 2048 pixels in width or height, because right now anything even a little bit above that will actually consume 4096 pixels worth of texture size, which can start to chew up all available memory pretty easily. I'm going to try and tune up this issue for the v1 release though.

- Michael