Unable to create Direct3D9 Device

 From:  Michael Gibson
1205.8 In reply to 1205.7 
> With a new PC better MOI will run it is to demonstrate that MOI adapts
> to almost any system with modest video card.

Yup, that's true! I just wanted to mention the system RAM because adding more system RAM is a pretty easy way to make an older machine run more smoothly (for a lot of things, not just MoI) with only spending a small amount of money.

When you have less than 512Mb of system RAM, it can tend to get all occupied pretty quickly.

> what would it happen if the HD was damaged and do I lose all the information?

Well I hope that you are making backups of your important documents and models so you don't permanently lose anything that you have worked on!

> can I install MOI in another PC? comercial version.

Yes you will be able to do this - the commercial MoI will not be locked down to only be installed on a single machine.

That is becoming a lot more common these days, but I think it can too easily cause problems.

- Michael