Unable to create Direct3D9 Device

 From:  fred green (FGREEN)
1205.3 In reply to 1205.2 
Okay, me bad. After posting this message I checked my other 3D apps and discovered that they were not working either. I checked the configuration of the video card and I had left the hardware acceleration off the last time I was doing a tutorial-style screen capture that included direct-to-screen video. I turned on the hardware acceleration and the program started working.

I played with it a bit, and so far it looks pretty cool. I'm especially interested in how it will export the nurbs models for eventual incorporating and rendering in Lightwave animations. I was able to create a couple of simple shapes that translated pretty well. It will probably take me a while to be able to create a more typical and complicated product model to determine if more complicated models translate as well to the .lwo format. Unless.... Are there any sample models that were created in MOI available for experimentation? This would help me find out pretty quickly if MOI has a place in our pipeline.

Anyway thanks for the speedy reply.