Unable to create Direct3D9 Device

 From:  Michael Gibson
1205.2 In reply to 1205.1 
Hi Fred - this means that there was some error returned when MoI tried to talk to your video card using DirectX.

Normally this message is displayed with much older cards when they don't support the minimum feature set that MoI requires, but this is for cards that are like 9 years old.

That's not the problem with your card, yours should be able to run MoI fine.

I have heard of a handful of other reports of this where there was a problem with DirectX or the video driver installation.

In one case, installing the newest version of DirectX solved it, and in another installing the newest version of their video driver solved it.

So I would recommend updating both the DirectX system component from here and also the video card driver from here

There is also some debug info that MoI writes out when this happens, if you could copy that and paste it into a message here, that could help me determine the specific thing that is failing. That might give me some additional clues as to what the problem is. To get the debug information, maximize the MoI window, and hold down the Ctrl key and click on the "MoI" label in the upper-right corner of the screen next to the window maximize/close buttons. This will pop up a menu, choose "Show log", and then select all the text in the log window and Ctrl+C to copy it, then Ctrl+V to paste into here.

- Michael