From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Val welcome back to MoI!

To set up shortcut keys, click on Options (in the bottom toolbar on the right side), and then go to the "Shortcut keys" section.

This will show a table of all the current shortcut keys - the table shows the key on the left side, and then the command assigned to that key on the right side column.

To add in a new entry, push the "Add" button and then that will create a blank row at the top, put your key in the left-hand cell, and your command in the right-hand cell.

The keys can be either the letter of a single key, or you can also use modifier keys, like this:

A= push the A key with no other modifier keys.
Ctrl+A= hold down Ctrl and push A
Ctrl+Shift+A= hold down both Ctrl and Shift and push A.
Ctrl+UpArrow= hold down Ctrl and push the Up arrow.

So for instance to define the shortcuts that you listed, you would put these entries in the table:

C  Curve

There are some more details on shortcut keys in the documentation page here:

If you want to make additional shortcuts, you can find the list of all the "official" names for each command in there, those are the names you use on the right-hand column. Some of the names in the UI are abbreviated from the true command name, and the abbreviated name won't work for defining shortcut keys.

Hope this helps!

- Michael