wish or miss

 From:  Michael Gibson
1199.2 In reply to 1199.1 
Hi xrok1,

> is there away to drag(marquee) select a group of points in the center of the shape without
> MOI just grabbing and moving the whole object? If not i would like to request an overide
> key such as ctrl while dragging to allow it.

There currently isn't any way to do that, but I should be able to add something in for that. I can't use ctrl though, it is already taken for dragging off a duplicate of an object. I'm a little bit worried about using shift, because that may confuse someone who is thinking of holding down shift for doing multiple select (even though it is not needed to do so in MoI), so perhaps shift + control together?

> also i think a good feature would be an expand selection key such as numpad+ so
> that when 1 or more points is selected hitting + would select the sorrounding points
> expanding the selection each time. would also be very usefull with curves especially
> curves with crowded points.

This one should be possible once I add some more scripting stuff for working with control points. But this part won't be ready for v1, I have added it to the wiki wishlist page so I can keep track of it.

- Michael