MoI for Second Life help?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi loveraven - it sounds like you are using the 3dm2sculpt converter program? (

The tricky thing is that sculpt maps have a kind of limited structure to them - they only cover a subset of the possible kinds of models that you can create with MoI.

So you have to limit yourself to only use certain tools inside MoI so that you don't create objects that cannot fit within the sculpt map's limitations.

Basically this means creating objects that are made up of only a single surface sheet, such as a loft, sweep, or revolve of a smooth input curve, and not cutting any holes or combining different pieces together with booleans.

When the object that you create inside MoI is just one individual surface sheet without any holes or different surfaces joined together, that's the kind of shape that can be most easily converted into a sculpt map - the 3dm2sculpt should generate just a single texture map for your object in that case.

Hopefully in the future they will make a more flexible method for displaying objects in Second Life, like a "polygon mesh" type structure which is a lot more general purpose.

- Michael