MoI for Second Life help?

 From:  loveraven
Hello. I feel incredibly stupid for posting (::is shy::) but I'm losing my mind over here trying to figure out how to use MOI for the game Second Life. I can't find any tutorials specific for it and sculpty making on the web but so far I love using MOI the best for sculpties. I love the ease of use compared to Maya, Zbrush, 3ds Max etc. I am a total noob to 3d modeling but I'd like to learn it inside out. Please, if anyone can post something that could help me create things here and shove it into SL- it'd be so helpful for me.
*Every time I make something- a ton of image maps get strewn into the converter folder and I still have no one successful sculpty map. T____T

I'm really looking for a simple tutorial(s) that will take me step by step from creating something in Moi, to downloading and using the correct converter for the sculpty map.

Thanks! *waves*

EDITED: 11 Dec 2007 by LOVERAVEN