pb with GORDON surfaces

 From:  Michael Gibson
1191.20 In reply to 1191.18 
Hi Lorem,

> Here is another 3dm scene....I tweaked curves in order to have a
> perfectly mirroring object..and now network tool have no result....

It looks like MoI is getting confused about how to organize the curves.

If you turn on control points for your small curves and drag their endpoints so that they are snapped right on to the longer ones, that will clear up the organization and Network will then succeed.

If you run into other problems with Network, try to align the ends of your curves more precisely snapped on to each other and that should help. I will see if I can tune this up so that it isn't necessary though.

You can also use sweep for situations like this with 2 longer guide curves - it can be less fussy about how things are arranged.

One other issue - even though you have tweaked your curve tangents you will still not have a perfectly mirroring object here. It will be perfectly mirroring right at those curves, but in other areas the cross-section will shift and torque around which gets in the way of perfect alignment. For example here is what the control points look like near the tip of the surface:

That shifting happens because Network is not only created off of those profile curves but also the other long curves as well, which do not have equal length and pinch together at the top.

For network it can be easiest to get a smooth object by doing the full object all at once instead of half.

There is a special "Maintain tangent" mode for sweep which can build a smooth mirrorable object, but right now it only works if all your profile curves are on parallel planes. It works by keeping all the control points along those same planes instead of shifting them along the rails which is what normally happens. I think I should be able to tune up this sweep mode in the future to handle situations like the one you posted here.

- Michael