possible shape

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> BTW, did you have to create the profiles in any specific order to get the loft to work properly?

This one should work fine if you just window select all the curves and then do Loft. If you do pick them by clicking on them one by one, then you will need to click on them in the proper cyclical order because Loft will take them in their picked order when you select them by individual clicks.

> Oh and is there any way to pause the rebuilding function while one is massaging the points?

Nope, sorry.. What I would do for something complex like this would be to delete the Loft, then make several adjustments to the curves, and then create a new Loft after that.

With a sub-d modeler you will work directly on the surface itself instead of on guide curves that produce a surface later, that's one of the things that makes it easier for subtle 3D adjustments.

- Michael