possible shape

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi xrok1, it looks like you might have this as a physical foam model prototype right now?

You may be better off using Rhino + Microscribe to trace some curves with points digitized directly off of your foam model. That's a kind of a reverse-engineering type workflow that MoI is not really focused on.

To get something sculptured like that you're going to have to build a curve scaffolding that has some of the major contours of the shapes in it, and use some of the more free-form type surfacing tools like Sweep or Network to construct a sculptured surface.

When you use Extrude, the surface that is created is totally straight in one direction. The final shape that you are trying to achieve here just does not have any kind of "straight-ness" quality about it at all - so Extrude + cutting the extrude just won't be suitable for this shape.

I'll see if I can make a quick attempt at it to show you how to get started. It will take a fair amount of work to position the curve framework that will be necessary to accurately create this shape though - many of the curves in your framework will not be flat 2D curves, they will be curves that swoop around in 3D - that's why it is easier if you could digitize the curves directly off of your model instead.

- Michael