From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi xrok1,

> maybe you could add an option to merge the result saving the
> problem of merging or joining things together after such operations??

It's often times hard for MoI to see the proper pieces to join together.

Like for instance if you use Loft you may Loft between the edge curve of the small cut piece, to the "stand-alone" curve object that was projected on to the cone surface - that is not an actual piece of the cone surface itself. So in this case it would be difficult for MoI to find all the correct pieces to join, some of the pieces are not selected or directly attached to the curves that you are lofting...

That can happen pretty frequently when you're modeling individual surface pieces like this.

It could try to search through the entire scene looking for the piece that is nearby, but that would take quite a lot of slow calculations on a complex model.

But at some point later on I would like to add some stuff to make it easier to to "protrusions" like this that would auto-join though, that may involve selecting the base surface before extruding or lofting, or associating the curve with the surface in some way before doing the extrude or loft, I haven't really gotten that figured out yet.

> BTW what is the reasoning behind needing to remove the bottom of the cone, why can't
> this operation be done with a solid?

Just that one curve does not cut a solid into 2 different pieces, you would need that curve to be closed to do that, meaning you would need to also have the bottom small arc piece that follows along the base of the cone. Instead of messing around with that, it is easier to get rid of the bottom face because if you only have the top cone surface that curve does fully divide it into 2 separate pieces.

It's like this situation:

Imagine trying to cut that box by this line, without any extra projection of the line happening - it won't divide the box into 2 pieces because it only divides the top face in 2, not any of the adjacent faces. The bottom plane of the cone is the similar kind of adjacent piece.

But if you separate that box and only work on the top plane, then that line does divide just that one piece into 2 properly.

Also you will get a cleaner model at the end (fewer edges and surfaces in it), if you build the final bottom as one single trimmed plane, instead of 3 different plane pieces joined together, so that would involve deleting the bottom plane piece anyway.

- Michael