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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi xrok1, I have added your requests to the wiki wishlist page ( so I can keep track of it better.

But it may be a little while before I get a chance to work on this general area of more stuff for point manipulation though.

For curves, you may be interested in the "drag point on curve" mode which already acts like a type of soft selection.

This is a special mode that is available when you have control points turned on for a curve - if you grab on to a spot directly on the curve (instead of one of the points) and drag it to a new location, it will adjust several nearby control points at once.

The one or two control points that are closest to the spot that you dragged will move the most, with the other 2 points outside of that moving less. The points are moved in such a way that the curve will pass through the new spot that you dragged to. So it is kind of like positioning things by grabbing directly on the curve itself.

This kicks in when you drag directly on an _unselected_ curve that has control points turned on - if you drag on a _selected_ curve the whole curve will move.

Please see here for a screenshot and some more details:

- Michael