Great program! Questions about my first model.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> igs, yes is good start but I find senarios like for example Open
> 3DM in SpaceClaim or SolidWorks, Edit, Save, Open in
> Rhino. Its more intuitive++.

Hi yannada, I guess I still don't quite understand - since MoI also uses the .3dm file format just repeat the same steps above with MoI.

For example:
1 - create model in MoI
2 - save to .3dm file
3 - Open 3DM in SpaceClaim
4 - Edit in SpaceClaim
5 - Save out from SpaceClaim as 3DM
6 - Open edited 3DM back in MoI.

Doesn't that work for you right now?

For programs that don't support .3dm, you can still transfer your model data using .igs instead.

> Importing to SketchUP, Aplying Textures

Did you try the solution that I posted above? Export to .obj format with welding turned off, then run the SeparateOBJ.exe program on it to break it into different objects. Load the OBJ file into SketchUp using that OBJ loader plug-in, apply textures and render inside of SketchUp.

Are you running into any problems with those steps?

If you follow those steps, you should be able to import your data into SketchUp and apply textures, just like you are wishing for...

- Michael