Great program! Questions about my first model.

 From:  yannada
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>There's no need to wait, you can use the .igs format for import/export between MoI and those apps right now!

igs, yes is good start but I find senarios like for example Open 3DM in SpaceClaim or SolidWorks, Edit, Save, Open in Rhino. Its more intuitive++.

>Could you please clarify it a little bit? You mean a smoother data exchange between MoI and SketchUp?

Importing to SketchUP, Aplying Textures

SketchUp has save me few times in situations like having to throught couple architectural concepts in couple days/hours some times.
Cool tools fot me in SUp are, quick texturing + sketchy presentations and not to forget the power of push/pull tool.

Thinkng about modeling I can do what sketchup does in moi and you know, that you have not even touch the surface of moi.
Thinkng about rendering Oh you name it.....few very good ones out there,I personally use maxwell and TEXTURES/UVs is were I stragle.......but with some good suport you can achieve some great stuff.