Great program! Questions about my first model.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi yannada,

> I could only wait for some real import/export to some real CAD apps like Proe, Catia, Ugs

There's no need to wait, you can use the .igs format for import/export between MoI and those apps right now!

> Rs:could that be my No:1 Wish?

Could you please clarify it a little bit? You mean a smoother data exchange between MoI and SketchUp?

There are some difficulties with this since they are based on different types of geometry - MoI uses NURBS surfaces and SketchUp uses polygons.

This would make it difficult for MoI to read in data directly from SketchUp for example, although you can get wireframe data from SketchUp into MoI now using the wireframe converter:

- Michael