moi3d ability showoff, and another request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1180.5 In reply to 1180.1 
Hi Giulio, wow that is a fantastic bike! Very impressive.

Very nice presentation and composition on your image as well.

It's great that you are able to use MoI in combination with Rhino for projects like this.

> I love moi because i feel it like the normal extension of my brain/hand.

I'm glad! :) It has been a very big goal for MoI to work in a smooth way like this.

> I'd really love a shaded view, without the wireframe.[without using the trick of
> hiding all the curves and edges..] when it will be avaliable??

I'd like to include this with a set of additional view options in version 2.0 . I hope that I will be able to start on beta versions of 2.0 in not too long, hopefully not too long after the start of the new year.

This will not be too complicated to add, so it should be possible to do fairly early on in the 2.0 beta cycle.

I've also added it to the Wiki wishlist so I can keep track of it better: .

- Michael