Problems selecting objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
1178.7 In reply to 1178.3 
Hi JTB, you wrote:

> my graphics card, explorer, direct3d, opengl and every other nice
> graphics system I can't understand :)

:) Just to narrow it down for you - the part that I would suspect is your video driver itself.

The best way to update that one is to go to your video card vendor's web site and download their newest driver from there.

Also, you may find that if you right-click and drag to pan the view slightly to the left or right, that it may solve the problem, because the issue may be that the driver does not properly draw lines that are right in certain locations half-way between 2 pixels.

If the problem persists after a video card driver update, please let me know and I can do some additional diagnostics to see if the problem is with MoI's code or not.

- Michael