Problems selecting objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
1178.6 In reply to 1178.1 
Hi JTB, MoI does rely on your video card to do some work in the selection process.

Those curves are drawn behind the scenes using your video card, but in this case they use your video card's more "normal" style line drawing with single pixel wide aliased type lines (which MoI does not normally use for the visual part of the display).

It seems like there are a few video cards out there that don't seem to do a proper job of drawing regular lines like this under Direct3D.

You might try updating your video driver to the latest version, that could solve it.

Also, are there any objects stacked up underneath the rectangle in the case that you are showing? Like any additional lines or vertical planes directly underneath it? If so then that might indicate a problem with MoI's code instead of your video driver.

One other workaround other than switching to a different view would be to click slightly off to the right of your line that refuses to select, and then drag a dashed selection box towards the left that crosses over it, that should select it since the area type selection uses a different mechanism that does not rely on your video card.

Also, can you please let me know what kind of video card you have? You can find that under Control Panel / Display / Settings, just under the Display: label. That might help me track down what is happening.

- Michael