Problems selecting objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
1178.10 In reply to 1178.9 
Hi JTB, hi xrok1, I remember some more details now.

When MoI does this "behind the scenes" render for selection, it needs to perform it with no anti-aliasing.

MoI tells Direct3D to do no anti-aliasing on this render, and then Direct3D tells the device driver.

But there was one version of the nVidia driver that didn't listen and did anti-aliasing anyway, if you had set it to be turned on for everything in the driver settings. There will usually be some setting for forcing anti-aliasing on in the driver settings, and that slider that you adjusted kind of wraps up several settings including turning anti-aliasing on or off.

I'm pretty sure that this has been fixed in later versions of their driver so that it listens to MoI's command to turn off anti-aliasing for this one particular selection thing. So once you update to a new driver version you should be able to have that setting to whatever and MoI will work ok.

@xrok1 - I'm pretty sure that this is your problem as well, that kind of incorrect targeting is happening due to the selection data being antialiased which mutates it. If you right-click on your desktop, a context menu will come up and you should probably have a menu item on it for "NVIDIA Control Panel". On the left panel go to "3D Settings", and under the "Adjust image settings with preview" entry, if you set the option to "Let the 3D application decide", it will disable this forced anti-aliasing and I think you will then be running properly. There is also a way in there where you can leave it on globally but have a different setting just for it to be disabled for MoI.exe, which would also probably work. Also if you update to the newest driver version I think your problem will also probably go away.

- Michael